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Pixel Creative – Web Design Chiang Mai Thailand.


We are a Web Design agency in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and we create fully responsive website that can adapt to any screen size.

The Responsive Web Design is a web design approach aimed at the development of websites offering a reading experience and best navigation for the user regardless of device range (mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, desktop monitors).

A successful “Responsive” user experience involves a minimum of resizing (zoom), cropping, and multidirectional scrolling pages.

Here is some of the advantage to build a responsive website:

– Adapting to any type of device transparently to the user.
– Costs and time usually below than other technics.
– The project maintenance is easy (only one style sheet, a single HTML file, etc.).
– A transparent update and multi-platform deployment.
– The responsive design can be considered after the initial design of the website (although this is not ideal).

One of the undeniable advantages of responsive design, is that Google highlights “mobile friendly” websites in its search results.

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