The Pros and Cons of Solar Technology

If you are looking for a good alternative to fossil fuel, solar energy is one of the best sources of renewable energy today. Aside from the financial benefits from solar technology, we can enjoy other advantages when we harness the power of the sun.

Solar power is a good option for homeowners who prefer free and clean energy from the sun. Most countries use solar energy to slowly break away from their dependence on fossil fuels. The technology is now a significant part of the modern world due to its contributions. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to the solar technology. Check out the pros and cons of using a solar energy system in your household.


  1. Renewable and Sustainable Source of Energy – the renewable energy from the sun can sustain humans until the sun dies out. Unlike with fossil fuels, the energy we obtain from the radiation of the sun does not run out regardless of the population growth across the globe. Solar technology harnesses the best gift we can get from the sun – which is unlimited power supply.
  2. Clean and Green Energy – While solar technology has been associated with pollution, solar panels do not release contamination once they are installed. Solar energy system do not contribute to the degeneration of Mother Nature because they do not produce anything that can harm our environment.    
  3. Significant Electricity Bill Reduction – homeowners who liberated themselves from the shackles of fossil fuels enjoy the benefit of electricity bill reduction. The use of solar energy allows households to experience free energy without worrying about their monthly electricity bills.


  1. Expensive Initial Cost – Despite the reduction in the initial cost of setting up a solar energy system, the initial cost for installing the solar technology is quite expensive. Unlike with the conventional fossil fuels, the cost of solar energy parts is high. In third world countries, the average individual can’t afford solar energy panels. Despite its appeal to most people, the initial cost remains a setback for the interested individual.
  2. Setup Space Requirements – one of the major issues with solar technology is the need for a large space to mount your solar panels. Homeowners who need larger supplies of energy require a larger area for the setup. Business owners interested in the alternative energy source may find the space issue discouraging.
  3. Expenses for Storage – the batteries used to store solar energy are not cheap. In fact, the expenses for the storage of renewable energy from the sun add significantly to the overall cost. Without the batteries, you can’t utilize the clean energy once the sun is out.

Overall, solar energy is definitely the future of renewable energy. If you are interested with solar technology and would like to shift to the clean energy source, contact Solar Lighting International Inc. thru their Facebook page and enjoy the best products and services at the right price.

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